How much space do you need?

Only 4x4 meters as I am on my own

How is it best to time things?

I will need at least an hour before the event to set up and sound check etc.

Where will you travel to?

I am fully flexible on traveling

Can I see you play live?

I have live videos of my performances online.

Will you learn our special song?

As long as I am given at least a month's notice I will learn any song of choice.

Is the video on your website a true reflection of you?

The simple answer is yes.

How do I book you?

Simply check that I'm available on your event date by using the calendar widget on the right hand side of any page on my website. Any dates that are unavailable are coloured orange. Once you've done that, use the enquiry form above the calendar to get a quote and send off your enquiry.

You can also book me by doing a similar process on my Alive Network profile, or by giving my agents a call.

Are you able to DJ in between sets?

I have an aux cable on my PA system which allows me to play any playlists from phones/laptops etc.

Can we use your sound system for speeches?


What equipment do you use?

RCF EVOX 8 system and Shure SM58 microphones

Do you have lights?

Unfortunately, I do not have my own lights at this present time.

How long do you play for?

2 x 45 minute sets. However, this is of course flexible as long as I am given 4 weeks notice.

What time do you start and finish?

My starting time is up to you!

How long do you take to set up?

Approximately 1 hour

What will you wear?

My standard attire is smart casual. However, I will wear a suit if preferred.

Do you have PAT and PLI certificates?